Sanat Maitreya Kumara Celebrated for Accomplishments in Religion

Mr. Kumara is commended for his achievements as the director of Shambhala at Shambhala Monastery

KELSEYVILLE, CA, November 24, 2020, Sanat Maitreya Kumara has been included in Marquis Who’s Who. As in all Marquis Who’s Who biographical volumes, individuals profiled are selected on the basis of current reference value. Factors such as position, noteworthy accomplishments, visibility, and prominence in a field are all taken into account during the selection process.

At the young age of nine years old Sanat Kumara was Recognised by Many High Rempoches of Tibetan Buddhism. Three High Lama’s was sent to America with Directions from Sanat Kumara’s previous life in Tibet as their teacher. They new the address of his home and names of his family. They introduced themselves to his family and shared with them that their son is the Reincarnation of Buddha Maitreya and many other very famous incarnations of the past. They were very shocked as the Lama’s requested their son return with them to Nepal and go to school in his monastery. They could not believe the Lama’s and forced them to leave the house. The attempted to make contact one year later by a letter of invitation but his parents ignored it and he was not allowed to go to Nepal. The Movie Little Buddha is based on this story.

With decades of spiritual and religious experience to his credit, Mr. Kumara journeyed to Nepal in 1995 and began establishing numerous free healthcare clinics. Recognizing the physical and spiritual benefits of patients who received treatment, he resolved to return to California and open similar facilities with Monks and Nuns. Inspired by the sense of community that developed as a result, Mr. Kumara founded the Shambhala Monastery, where he currently excels as the director.

As a Healer and Teacher he created Shambhala Healing Tools and Pyramid Meditation Systems.

As a Musician he has created many Soul Therapy Songs for Personal and Planetary Ascension, All of his music is Produced, written and performed by Mr. Kumara.

Income from all of his work provides for Many Monasteries in Tibet, India and Nepal. Mr. Kumara does not ask for donations. He provides services and Meditation and Healing tools, along with his Teaching Dharshans every 3 months for Students. And every evening he provides Soul Therapy Meditation focused on the OM and Teaching for Healing Humanity and the Nations.

In his capacity as the director of a Shambhala Buddha Maitreya monastery, Mr. Kumara facilitates religious congregations, oversees Buddhist teachings focused on Jesus the Christ and leads meditative practices. Additionally, he provides meals and sustenance for the elderly, starving families and orphaned children in his local community of Lake County Ca, Omaha Nebraska, Glastonbury UK and Nepal.

An avid facilitator of interpersonal relationships, he attributes his current success to his experience easing tensions between Chinese and Tibetan civilians while abroad in Asia. Throughout his tenure, Mr. Kumara cultivated a laudable reputation as a major transcendental and political leader within Native American societies, which has influenced the lives of thousands. Mr. Kumara’s Family is Native American, Father is Blackfoot and Mother Cherokee.

Throughout the length of his career, Mr. Kumara has completed coursework at several accredited universities throughout California. He was drafted in the Vietnam War in 1969 and served as a Naval Hospital Corpsman and Marine Corpsman until 1973 as a conscientious objector.

He ascribes his accomplishments to his faith, compassion for others and an abiding dedication to spirituality. Looking toward the future, Mr. Kumara plans to continue extending the breadth of his social and government influence.


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